Newspaper Weekend Page


The goal was to come up with a weekend newspaper front page with articles fitting the theme of the main article. The theme chosen was summer.

weekend page cover

New York City College of Technology

Commencement Pamphlet


The goal was to come up with a design for the commencement pamphlet for the graduating class of 2019. The thought behind it was to take the binary code and make it look like confetti raining down the page.

City Tech Commencement Pamphlet

Umami Magazine


The goal was to come up with a concept for a magazine and an article within it following a cetain theme. fall was chosen as the main theme.

Umami Magazine Cover
Umami Spread
digital version

Book Cover and Ad


The goal was to design a cover and ad for the book Nobody Move.

I was to follow the specifications asked by the author, like making sure the three main characters are in the cover.

book cover
newspaper ad

Typeface Book


The goal was to come up with a book that showcases some of the most famous typefaces

in history.

typebook cover.
typeface book spread
typeface book spread
typeface book spread

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